Marley Averill, MSSA

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Worker

Marley has started working at The Challenge Center as a psych rehab worker in January 2024.  Marley transitioned from a background in Teaching to the Mental Health Field. Marley taught Elementary School in Maryland and High School in North Carolina. She started out as direct therapeutic support for children with special needs and their parents, teachers, etc.  Marley decided from there to get her Masters in counseling and got a Masters in Social Services Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2015.  Marley has been exploring different areas of mental health practice since then working with young adults and adults with various mental health disorders often co-occurring with substance use. “The Challenge Center became attractive to me because I decided that I would like to try working with people who volunteer for services rather than are being forced into it due to criminal and/or drug activity.”

Marley has done and is interested in continuing to do Animal Assisted Therapy Activities should the opportunity arise again, mostly with dogs since she is a certified Canine Obedience Trainer. She is particularly excited at the results she has seen working with children with Autism and dogs. She is also trained in yoga and am willing to do that as a therapeutic service once in a while.

Other Member


Mindy Swartz

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assistant/Billing Clerk

Robert Spade


Aaron Burkhardt B.A., C.P.R.P.

Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Allison “Ally” Downs B.S., C.P.R.P

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Supervisor